No amount of physical beauty can match a beautiful heart

Let us admit that”the best and the most beautiful thing in the world cannot be seen or even touched. It can be felt with the heart” and that is what love is in true sense”. This is a quote from an awe-inspiring woman named Hellen Keller, who despite her inability to see, hear or even speak, felt the beauty of the world and lived on to make this world a better place to live. Every person in this world has a different perception of beauty.

Different things evoke different emotions in different people. Some people might consider the sky filled with vibrant colours at the time of sunset as a miracle of nature- as if the god himself has painted the sky, while for some this might be another natural phenomenon which occurs every day and therefore see no beauty in it. Thus, there can be no standard definition of beauty and there can’t be anything tangible which can be described as ‘beautiful’ universally.

Beauty is something which is felt from the heart. When a mother gives birth to a child and hears the child cry for the first time, she goes through certain emotions which can’t be described in words. It is almost an other-worldly feeling, a feeling of happiness, a feeling of gratitude to the God. Now that is what can be termed as absolutely beautiful, for it is a feeling which is felt within. Similarly, some people find their passion in dancing, singing, in art and creating, and living their passion gives them the ultimate sense of beauty and being.

A sad ending doesn’t mean that the beginning wasn’t beautiful. A broken relationship, a separated marriage, the death of a loved one, too often cause too much anger and sadness in our hearts that we forget how beautiful the time spent with those people were. We still remember the people we lost because the beauty of relationships is timeless. Anything which was ever felt from the heart, which gave us a feeling beyond our normal emotions, anything which made us feel alive, was and definitely is beautiful.

There are hundreds of things which you cannot see or touch but you can felt with your heart. But very to one to another person’s perceptions. People who thinks world they see with their naked eyes is permanent and enjoying it every moment for them enjoying this world is best and never can touch thing but feel by heart. Mother who gives a birth and hear the first cry, tears she shed that moment, feelings, emotions she has that moment is beyond imagination only she can feel the moment and feel it.

After long battle son returns to home in one piece, no one tell the emotions family will have that time only can be feel so there many endless examples but they all are bound to time once the time fly everything will fly nothing is certain so what will be certain, unconditional love for one almighty, people who already felt him, only they know what taste of it, Cox it’s taste will be there when nothing would be there. So for me love for one almighty is pure and his love, emotions is endless, can’t touch, can’t say, can’t write. It can only felt by soul not by heart.

What is the most beautiful thing in life you have experienced? Uncertainty. Feelings. The present moment. “To live is to suffer. To survive is to find meaning in the suffering.” You may think differently because it’s a pretty subjective concept, so is meaning of life, if there is even one. Phone calls with family and close friends from far distance. Watching Ramayana with your family everyday like old times. Daily rituals like these with someone you love. Be it your parents/child/partner/yourself. Something that you look forward to doing at the end of the day. Something that comforts you from within or gives you inner peace. What are the most beautiful things which can only be felt by our heart?

#1 is the female orgasm: Frequency is the key to life. Good frequencies manifest good things. Bad frequencies manifest bad things. The female orgasm are many good frequencies tied into one. The pure sound of it can excite both male and females alike. #2 Nature: Recent studies have shown that the closer you live to nature or green spaces in general (simple parks included), the happier you’ll be. #3 Ancient Architecture: Each country has it’s own astonishing architecture.

4 Local Food: Think of the foods you’d travel a thousand miles to taste again. Dishes so delicious you carried the memory of them home as a treasured souvenir. Those snacks, sweets, and savories that surprised and delighted you, that taught you something about the place you were visiting. #5 The Night Sky: On a clear, moonless night, the average person can see between 3 and 4 thousand stars across the sky. It’s as if we’re inside of some great celestial (sky) sphere upon which the stars appear to be attached. Cheers to beautiful life!